Upcoming and Recent Talks

'Recognition, skill, and respect'

  • Swedish Philosophy Congress, June 2019
  • Umeå Universitet, April 2019

'Language loss and illocutionary silencing'

  • ​Language, Cognition and Context, Córdoba, Argentina, Aug. 2019
  • Eastern APA, January 2018
  • UCL Sem/Prag Workshop, November 2017

'No context, no content, no problem'

  • IEA, Paris, April 2017

'Mad-dog variablism'

  • Pacific APA, April 2017
  • National Research University, Moscow, Sep. 2016

'Complex demonstratives and selection presuppositions'

  • UNAM/Colmex, México, June 2016

'Demonstratives are free variables'

  • Pacific APA, April 2016

'Demonstratives are not context-sensitive'

'Complex demonstratives are definite descriptions'

'Hidden arguments and non-deictic demonstratives'

  • Eastern APA, December 2014

'Семантический анализ указательных выражений'

  • Institute of Philosophy, Russian Academy of Science, June 2012