ethan nowak

еnоwак@[b е r к e l e у].edu

I am a PhD candidate in philosophy at UC Berkeley.

My primary research areas are language, formal semantics, and mind. My dissertation is about demonstratives; I argue that if we want to understand them, we have to look at a much broader range of uses than philosophers usually do, and I develop a semantic theory that will cover those uses.

I am also interested in metaphysics (I wrote a BPhil thesis on emergentism), as well as some of the philosophical themes in Russian literature (I hope to start a project on semantics in poetry soon).

From 2000-2010 I ran what became the US counterpart to Ayuda DIrecta, an NGO that is active in Ecuador.

In 2011-2012, I studied at the Russian State University for the Humanitiesin Moscow, on a Fulbright student fellowship.